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From Tara Kangarlou & Other Journalists Covering The Syrian Crisis, Middle East, & Foreign Policy

Beirut, Lebanon, "Just this past week--once again-- children were front and center in the ongoing Syrian crisis.For the next two weeks, myself, along with Art of Hope 's wonderful board member Dr. Annie Sparrow will be in Lebanon to tackle some of the pressing issues t...

Baalbeck, Lebanon, "In late August, the Obama administration announced that by the end of October 2016, the US will fullfill its pledge to host 10k Syrian refugees. This is while, 5 million Syrian refugees are currently living across the Middle East, with the majority...

"As a journalist, you’re trained to be objective. Your sole responsibility is to report with accuracy and fairness, and to never get emotionally involved in the story. 

In my craft, detachment is the code of conduct; but my human sympathy was deemed antithetical to my p...

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