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We Believe That Every Child Deserves The Tools To Live A Healthy, Happy & Mindful Life
Mental Health Matters

There are millions of children around the world who suffer from some of the most basic emotional and psychological vulnerabilities; but with just a little bit of support they can reconnect with their hopes and dreams, and move away from these invisible woundsWe believe that all children deserve to have access to tool that will support their Mental Health and

Well Being.


At iGROWco & Art Of Hope we strive to promote a sense of self-worth, dignity & value among all children. Our goal is to enable children to build resiliency muscles so they cannot only merely survive but thrive amidst change and uncertainty.

Arabic Affirmation Cards

In partnership with Joy Marchese (co-founder of iGrowco & Positive Discipline UK)Art Of Hope is proud to introduce the first ever Arabic Positive Affirmation Cards For Kids  — a revolutionary tool rooted in Positive Psychology that’s meant to precisely help children in the Arab world. 

Each of these cards are designed to not only build emotional literacy among children, but also create a much-needed space to discuss mental health and emotional well-being — all topics that are rarely addressed in much of these communities. At a time of heightened need for Mental Health support, our partnership has created a universal tool that can be used for bettering the emotional and physical health of some of the world’s most in-need.

About iGROWco

iGROWco launched on World Mental Health Day 2019 and is the brainchild of Joy Marchese (mom, educator, author) who recognized the need for fun, practical tools to help children become aware of themselves, explore their feelings and adapt and cope with life's challenges. She harnessed the benefits of growth mindset and positive belief systems into their beautifully designed, considered and inclusive tools for the whole family.

Art Of Hope will be leading the way in distributing these brilliant Arabic affirmation cards for FREE
among local NGOs and grassroots supporting  some of the most in-need communities in the MENA region & beyond. 
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Meet Our Arabic Translators


Middle East Researcher With a Focus On The Levant 

ART OF HOPE Partnerships Associate.


Clinical Psychology Doctoral Candidate, City College of New York. 

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