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Every Refugee Is Valued 


One of the primary missions of ART OF HOPE is to promote a sense of SELF-WORTH, DIGNITY, & VALUE among the Syrian refugee population.


Syrian refugees are currently living in some harsh conditions within vulnerable urban areas in Lebanon as well as makeshift camps near the Syrian borders. 


Forced displacement, loss of loved ones, bearing witness to constant bombings and strikes, and living in some incredibly tough conditions in a new country, are all elements that will lead to despair, depression, loss of self-worth, and purpose. 


This March, as the Syrian conflict entered its 8th year, ART OF HOPE, celebrated dozens of Syrian refugee children by enabling them to enjoy a full day of Birthday Celebration, so that they'll be reminded of their value, self-worth, and how much they are loved despite their current living conditions and status. 


“Aisha, 5, pictured above is from Aleppo. He family fled their hometown to Lebanon 1.4 years ago. At the ART OF HOPE centre, Aisha participates in our art classes while her mother learns sewing and entrepreneurial skills in our vocational workshops as she receives therapy.



In addition to our Birthday Celebrations at our ART OF HOPE centre in Beirut, we partnered with UTOPIA NGO and went all the way to Nothern Lebanon to make sure that the children who live in makeshift settlements of the North can also get a chance to be reminded of their "Self-Worth"and Value. 




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