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Three Questions From Syrian Refugees That Will Leave You In Tears

Baalbeck, Lebanon, "In late August, the Obama administration announced that by the end of October 2016, the US will fullfill its pledge to host 10k Syrian refugees. This is while, 5 million Syrian refugees are currently living across the Middle East, with the majority of them taking refuge in Lebanon—a country of only 4.5 million with close to 2 million Syrian refugees including those unregistered and un-accounted for in addition the the 500K Palestinian refugees. Imagine if 170 Million refugees enter the US; that's what its like in Lebanon. Almost everyone I speak with in Lebanon tells me funding continues to decrease as the influx continues to grow. Syrian refugee students make up twice the number of Lebanese school-aged children and are severely held back due to language barriers (Lebanese curriculum is in English/French) while Syrians only know Arabic. In addition we see a huge lack in the number of schools and teachers, topped with high-cost of transportation; these are just some of the many challenges in this volatile landscape.

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