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Art Therapy

With the massive lack of education opportunities as well as the strong prevalence of psychological, emotional, and mental health challenges, creative activities through arts and crafts can not only serve as a positive alternative for lack of educational opportunities, but also a strong tool to help these vulnerable refugees cope with their mental, emotional, and psychological challenges. 

The biggest advantage is that art can express things that are not expressible verbally,” Dr. Sarah Deaver, the President of the American Art Therapy Association, explains. “That’s a huge advantage for people who don’t have the language to talk about what’s inside of them.”


“Art therapy can be a helpful intervention for stabilizing overwhelming emotional states and crisis situations because of the safe containment it provides.” Gretchen Miller, Art Therapy Expert explains. 


Each class and program has its own specific theme and has the support of both art teachers as well as a therapist/social workers. Through a strong collaboration between the two professionals, children will simultaneously receive art training as well as counselling and therapy.

Our therapists will determine the child's current psychological and emotional condition in the beginning of each cohort and evaluate his or her progress through the span of 6 months. (The duration of each unique program) Each group and cohort has a special inaugural ceremony as well as a "graduation" ceremony from that workshop. It is our goal to provide a holistic training for these children so after the end of each program they can see progress in their mental health status as well as their skills and learning capacity. 


The same model will be used for women; except with the added mission to address and celebrate their specific vulnerabilities, individual skills, and leadership attitudes as mothers. We strive to revive their strength and provide them the tools that they can use to grow as role models at home, among other women in their camps, and their refugee communities.

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