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We Believe That Every Child Deserves The Tools To Live A Healthy, Happy & Mindful Life

Our mission-oriented partnerships ensure that we can create culturally appropriate, effective, and accessible resources and tools to support the mental well-being of our beneficiaries.  

An iGROWco x ART OF HOPE Collaboration

In partnership with Joy Marchese  (co-founder of iGrowco & Positive Discipline UK), ART OF HOPE  is proud to introduce the first ever Arabic Positive Affirmation Cards for Kids — a revolutionary tool rooted in Positive Psychology that’s meant to precisely help children in the Arab world. 

Each of these cards are designed to not only build emotional literacy among children, but also create a much-needed space to discuss mental health and emotional well-being — all topics that are rarely addressed in much of these communities. At a time of heightened need for Mental Health support, our partnership has created a universal tool that can be used for bettering the emotional and physical health of some of the world’s most in-need. ART OF HOPE has led the way in distributing these brilliant Arabic affirmation cards for FREE among local NGOs and grassroots supporting some of the most in-need communities in the MENA region & beyond. 

Special thanks to Diala Ghneim and Rona Tarazi for their contributions in translating positive affirmation cards into Arabic.

Ukrainian Feelings Poster

In partnership with Joy Marchese  (co-founder of iGrowco & Positive Discipline UK), ART OF HOPE  is proud to introduce the first ever Ukrainian Feelings Poster for Kids 

This product is a charity poster, and all proceeds will be donated to the  Art of Hope charity, directly supporting children in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Every aspect of this product was designed with you and your kids in mind. This poster features beautiful illustrations to help you dig deeper into your emotions and guide your child to take positive actions as a result.

While our product reflects the beauty of emotions, it is important to remember the real impact your investment makes in the lives of children traumatized by war. Thank you for spreading the word, sharing this important tool, and making a difference with us!


About The Creator

Joy Marchese (mom, educator, author) recognized the need for fun, practical tools to help children become aware of themselves, explore their feelings and adapt and cope with life's challenges. She harnessed the benefits of growth mindset and positive belief systems into their beautifully designed, considered and inclusive tools for the whole family.

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