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Your tax-deductible gifts will not only provide war-torn refugees & vulnerable communities with vocational training and educational workshops— but would bring forth long-term mental health, psychological and trauma relief support to some of the most fragile and in-need people in our world.

As a member of our ART OF HOPE family, you'll receive updates and news on the status and progress of our programming and how your gifts are making a difference in real time. All donations received will support our psychological, educational, and trauma-relief programming on the ground and in the field.

Our outside volunteers as well as our president, board members and advisors support ART OF HOPE in a pro bono capacity. 

Monthly gifts are recognized as one of the most cost-effective and easy ways to maximize ImpactYou can join us for a monthly gift program; and witness how your impact will support our programming on the ground, but also the future mental health of a child, a teenager, a parent who otherwise might never receive the support they so desperately need to overcome their invisible wounds.

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