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Why Ukraine?

There are over 8.2 million Ukrainian refugees living across Europe and nearly 8 Million internally displaced people (IDPs) in urgent need of humanitarian assistance and protection across Ukraine. Recognizing the vital need for psychosocial support and trauma-relief among IDPs, and after four months of field research and assessment on the ground, in November 2022, ART OF HOPE launched two parallel programs in Kharkiv - one of the most volatile regions in Eastern Ukraine - in partnership with our local partners: Trochy Vognju and Voices of Children.

Our Program Supports:

We work closely with our local partners to provide support through four pathways.


Program Development

At ART OF HOPE, we strive to use our voice and global network to advocate for the emotional and psychological well-being of refugees as we believe that the invisible wounds of war, displacement and loss should not be forgotten.

Advocacy & Awareness

At ART OF HOPE,  we work closely with our local partners in the field to develop the most effective programming for those who serve. We spend weeks, sometimes months studying the crisis at hand, examining the best strategies, and designing tangible, sustainable, and scalable programming that can deliver effective change.

Capacity Building

At ART OF HOPE we strive to create programming that's complimentary and sensitive to the socio-cultural nuances of the communities served while also empowering for our local partners and caregivers. In addition, we believe that mental well-being is for all - therefore, we take pride in providing support for our therapists and caregivers in addition to our beneficiaries by ways of unique and personally curated mindfulness programming.

Trochy Vognju

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Trochy Vognju is dedicated to helping children - especially orphans, IDPs, and children from socially vulnerable families. In 2016, Trochy Vognju launched the Center for Creativity and Science which has three primary benefits: 


  1. A space to learn in peace: Through the study club, children can get help with their homework, have a hot lunch, play board games, engage in sports, and meet with mentors.

  2. A school program: Our volunteers and staff tutor children and help them catch up on certain classes they may not have been able to attend due to the war or that they need help with.

  3. Art Therapy: Through art and music classes, we use art therapy to help children express their emotions, overcome anxieties and fears, and celebrate their achievements, no matter how small.

Founded in 2015, Voices of Children believes that “No child should be left alone with the trauma of war.” Their support covers three foundational areas: 

  1. Psychosocial support: psychological and psychosocial support to children affected by hostilities through online support, mobile teams of psychologists, and rehabilitation initiatives for children with disabilities. 

  2. Humanitarian support: Providing emergency relief and basic necessities to families and children.

  3. Advocacy: Disseminate important information to local families, advocate for the protection of children’s rights and influence policy. 

Voices of Children

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