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Our Programs

At ART OF HOPE, our programming is based on the promise of partnering with local organizations and grassroots, and providing them with the right tools, strategies and resources that can help them best support the trauma-relief and mental health needs of local refugees and IDPs in their communities. In addition to supporting the day-to-day work of our local caregivers, we connect our teams with trained experts to develop culturally-appropriate Training of Trainer (TOT) courses, and effective trauma-relief modalities to ensure the use of the most effective and compassionate methods when helping the beneficiaries we serve. 

Our Approach: Design for Impact


Art Therapy

With the massive lack of education opportunities as well as the strong prevalence of psychological, emotional, and mental health challenges due to the impact of war, loss and displacement, creative activities through art can not only serve as a positive alternative for lack of educational opportunities, but also a strong tool to help vulnerable individuals cope with their unspoken mental, emotional, and psychological challenges.

Meditation & Mindfulness 

According to the publication of the Society of Clinical Psychology, mindfulness has been theoretically and empirically associated with psychological well-being. The elements of mindfulness, namely awareness and nonjudgmental acceptance of one's moment-to-moment experience, are regarded as potentially effective antidotes against common forms of psychological distress—rumination, anxiety, worry, fear, anger, and so on.


Training of Trainers

At ART OF HOPE we take pride in putting the power back in the hands of local professionals and those working hard to support their very own communities. This is why over the years, we have worked tirelessly to ensure our local partners have the opportunity to learn from other expert mental health professionals, teachers, art therapists, and social workers worldwide who can help introduce them to new techniques and modalities. 

Emergency Relief 

While our main mission focuses on providing trauma-relief and mental health support, we also believe in stepping in when emergency strikes - especially in places and communities where we have trusted partners - and can assure the transparent and effective distribution of our goods and services. 


Family Intervention & Community Assessment

Trust, empathy, and knowledge of the communities we serve are among the most critical pillars of an effective mission. That's why at ART OF HOPE we make sure that our local partners are deeply embedded in the communities served and have an established track-record of authentic engagement and relationship with our beneficiaries.

Individual & GroupTherapy

At ART OF HOPE, helping to instill emotional literacy among our beneficiaries - whether be in our individual or group therapy sessions - remains a core part of our programming. We aspire to build a safe space for our beneficiaries, but also create a trusting relationship where  they will have the language and knowledge to express their emotional needs. 

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