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Our Mission

ART OF HOPE is proud to be the first American nonprofit organization that strictly focuses on helping heal the mental and psychological wounds of war and forced displacement through art therapy and other psychosocial programming, in addition to capacity building and conflict-resolution efforts among the refugee population and in-need members of the host community. At ART OF HOPE the mental well-being of war-torn refugees, internally displaced individuals (IDPs), and vulnerable members of the host community is our priority. Hence, the entirety of our mission is aimed at providing rich, substantive, scalable, culturally-appropriate, and meticulously researched, planned & organized trauma-relief programming with an inherent focus on building the ground for long-lasting emotional literacy, mindfulness and mental well-being. At ART OF HOPE, we take great pride in how 100% of your generous donations are spent in our field work to benefit the many in-need individuals whom we serve. Born out of her extensive reporting in the field, covering the conflict in Syria, the rise and fall of ISIS in Iraq and the Levant, and the large influx of refugees in the Middle East and beyond, journalist & author Tara Kangarlou launched ART OF HOPE in 2016 with the sole mission to put forth the mental health of refugees, IDPs and in-need host communities on the forefront of humanitarian assistance and to make sure no IDP or refugee is robbed away from the ability to dream, to hope, and to thrive as a result of war-inflicted trauma, anxiety and PTSD.

Our Vision

At ART OF HOPE, we envision a world where the mental well-being of refugees and those forcefully displaced is not forgotten; we envision a world where tackling trauma and PTSD is not considered a  taboo nor a luxury available to a few; we envision a world, where at a time of utmost despair and woe, refugees & IDPs are not denied from the ability to once again have hope and the basic human right to a healthy, happy mind.  

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